Civil Rights Law

Colorado Civil Rights Law FAQs

What Kind of Civil Rights Cases do You Handle?

We are interested in a range of civil rights cases where there have been provable serious violations. Call us at 303.860.1331 if you are interested in discussing a potential case.

We handle discrimination and retaliation cases against employers for substantially injurious unlawful employment actions based on race, gender including sexual harassment, religion, national origin, age or disability. We also handle cases against the government, including law enforcement, for discrimination or excessive force and including cases against jails for deliberate indifference medical care and policies resulting in significant physical injuries.

What is the Fee Agreement?

We almost always represent people on a contingent basis. This means we are compensated for our time only from the proceeds that we obtain for you in settlement or through litigation. If we take your case it is because we believe that we can help you win it. We do not charge by the hour because we are willing to take the risk of losing our time if we cannot. We are happy to discuss the details of our contract.

What do we expect from our clients?

We simply ask you to help us figure out everything important that you and others available to you know about the case and support the case work we do by getting records, contacting witnesses and doing other things that could help your case when you can. We want you to be yourself, be reasonable and listen to and carefully consider our advice.

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